Rpi cm4 adapter

Is the cm4 adapter interchangeable with other cm4 to cm3 adapters? I’ve seen some people talk about this alternative.

I tested it with the waveshare one and it did not work. I have a video of the behavior if you want to see but it essentially just blinked once powered on. Since there were diagrams available I checked the pinout and found that quite a few of the pins were in different locations. Was going to try and buy one of the no-name ones that you see everywhere but my official one finally got here.

I’ve seen 3 variants of the adapter board including clockworkpi’s. Waveshare’s DSI pins are swapped(DSI1<->DSI0), and some pins are missing/reordered. One no-name adapter has no public schematic. So if you want to use CM4 in a uConsole, you should stick with the official one, or use CM4S(and update some kernel code accordingly).