[Love2D] polyamory - multiversion LÖVE distribution - equivalent for gameshell

When I first started using love, I was quite frustrated by the incompatible versions for running games. Then I found :

Does any one know if there is a chance of getting this sort of project to work on the gameshell ? Or an equivalent technique ?

interesting project ,

but seems the building progress is a little bit ups and downs

If someone could test this it would be very interesting.

I also found this and brought it up here a while ago.

We would need a 32-bit version
Regarding this topic the dev states: probably never
I don’t know what the main difficulty is in porting it to 32bit. maybe something with Löve2D itself?

hm I did a quick look into the code in my lunchbreak (I am not a programmer)
I think the main part is

and it seems to me it estimates the love version on basis of several factors (date, do certain filenames exist etc)
maybe it’s possible to pack this into a python script instead of wanting to build the whole thing for gameshell.

@niu thanks for taking a look at this. Why do you mention 32-bit ? I think we might have to try to add all the love armel builds to polyamory and see how that works.