Love2d on gameshell

Hello everyone!

Have you try to run pico8 or love2d on this gameshell? I have seen that LUA is supported on it and i know this 2 app work on raspberry pi.

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Hey there,

They responded to my question regarding Love2d saying they’l be testing it (

And as far as I know you can run Love games on retro pie (as you say above) so I can’t imagine it’ll be an issue.

Just got into Pico-8 myself and with it running fine on Linux/Raspberry Pi I can’t imagine running it on the GameShell will be an issue. Though I’ve just picked up a Pocket Chip which I recommend looking into if you haven’t already.

I would also like to see pico-8 or voxatron on this device :smile:

Pico8 or worse Voxatron are really unlikely on that device.

At least officially.

I doubt the Pi version is going to work, at least better than it work on the NTC CHIP, the NTC Chip may work, but it would be illegal even if you do own a CHIP, and having both a CHIP and a normal licence it would be in the gray area.

For Voxatron as there is not even a Raspberry Pi version, no chance for it to arrive there.

For Love2D and any other open source framework / virtual consoles, there is no reason why it could not be ported here.

It’s worth remembering that GameShell will be running Linux (albeit a custom distro), so there’s not much to stop it from running PICO-8 or Voxatron besides dealing with input (a keyboard to manage the LUA shell may prove annoying, unless someone develops a clever software workaround). The CPU and GPU requirements for both are minimal, so performance in games should be fine.

Having just a normal license would allow you to download DRM-free versions of either PICO-8 or Voxatron.

Voxatron does not exist for RaspberyPi, and the Pi version of PICO-8 does not run well at all on another device with an allwinner SoC. (CHIP)

How do you mean it doesn’t run well on the CHIP? I’ve got a Pocket CHIP and it runs perfectly fine on that.

The CHIP version is not the same as the RaspberryPi, and using the CHIP version in something else than the CHIP is against the licence of it.
The raspberryPi version works like crap on the CHIP.

Ahh I see, that makes sense. I didn’t realise you were talking about running the Pi port on the CHIP.

Have you seen TIC-80? It is FOSS very similar to Pico-8. There’s a build for C.H.I.P and it should be possible to create one for Gamehell.

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It runs amazing on my chips. But its true ive read on the forums that people had issues, but mine run 100%

Wich version of tic-80 are you using ? I never try it on a pi cause pico8 work great.
It s just a question of configuration in your pi. (framebuffer and other) look at the pico8 web site.

The CHIP version run really well on CHIP, the PI version does not.

I even made a video about that:

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It s due to the FPS. try to use the same parameters then the configuration of the pitft, when you install retropie. I did a portable programmable pico8 screen prototype with a pi and i got no problems. I can share my step by spep if that can help

Well if you ran the Pi version on a Pi, for sure it works!

The Pi version on CHIP don’t work well, and it is not a configuration issue.

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ok, now i got my gameshell and it work so i ll use this topic to anderstand a little bit more about how love work (it s not a sexual question. don t missenderstand ^^)

i try to install Love2D on the gameshell but it s allready install.
now, i need to know where it is and cheak in the gameshell to know how to create a launcher of Love2D on the startup menu.
that ll not gonna be easy. some help is really welcome.

They installed Love2d by default?!

If you try to type “sudo apt-get install love” it said “the lastest version of love is allready installed”

I mentioned this in the Celeste+Pico-8 thread: Celeste Game on GameShell

So far this looks a lot like getting Pico-8 running on similar platforms that we’ve managed to figure out, so I’m hopeful. (We’ve seen the same SDL problems before, for instance.) The clockworkPi website says it can run straight Raspbian, but my first attempt at that didn’t work.

@Drjekill77: Regarding the Launcher, you can create new items by adding shell scripts to /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/. A file named “” containing one or more commands to run will become a “Foo” menu item in the launcher. It’ll have a default icon. To change the icon, add “Foo.png” to /home/cpi/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/.

Thanks a lot for your help i ll try it after work.