(NOT SOLVED) Looking to buy a PC to create Love2d games (for Gameshell)

Anyone know what the system requirements are for it? And not to run games, to create games. My windows computer won’t run either of the windows versions due to lack of opengl. Please answer if you know. Thanks.

Bare minimum it would just need the opengl love2d require and a text editor.

How old is your windows computer? Is the hardware itself incompatible with opengl?

My computer has opengl 1.1 or sth. It’s probably ~9 years old.

What is an openGL love2d require? Do you mean the system requirements, or a workaround software?

I meant the version of opengl that love2d requires to work.

I think newer versions of love2d require opengl 2.1 and above.

Do you happen to know of any companies or even computer models that tell customers outright what versio of opengl their products/given product supports?

Thank you for trying to help by the way!

I do not actually know. Sorry :frowning:

One thing you could maybe try is to download the opengl drivers for your version of windows? Maybe update them if possible.

I don’t use windows so I’m not entirely sure how that goes anymore.

Hopefully we can get this working for you :slight_smile:

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Taken from here:

It is more likely a graphics card constraint. Unless your computer is 17 years or older, you should be good!