LTE modem on Devterm?


Somebody found the way to install a lte modem to the devterm ?

Thank you for your help

I was using a USB modem I got, other than that one could get the same modem chip that comes to the uconsole and design a PCB for it replacing the expansion PCB of the devterm

hi Petrakis,

Thank you. Idea here is to embeded all and not have external modem on usb. How did you do ?

The uconsole modem is an USB modem, so you could disassemble any USB modem and solder the pins to the ext board slot

i have discovered this post and i have seen you are in :

Any chance we can order it already ?
Interesting the 2 ethernet and 1 console in rj45
hope a modem could follow.

Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:

Hi Alcane,

Sorry for the delayed response, but I’ve been in the hospital for some time.
I played with the idea of selling the design, I may be able to scratch together the money needed but I’d need yatli’s approval first. Haven’t heard from him in a long time, last thing I know is that he’s also busy right now.

Also worth mentioning is that I don’t have a source for a fitting fan,
and the MIPI CSI routing may be throwing a wrench into my attempts to talk to a camera module. The software is currently next to non-existent also, which might not be a problem for USB cartridges but is needed for the printer cart.

Currently I am preoccupied with recovery tough, so I cannot promise anything in the next few weeks.

I mean I’d love to sell PCBs, but currently I am not able due to personal reasons and some design decisions that make a PCBway order difficult, so a revision 5 or a fork would be needed.

I’ll work on the project when I’m once again up for the challenge tough.
What I can do is to ask yatli on his opinion of doing a production run.

Edit: I thought the :email: icon meant this was a PM scope. Well it is what it is.

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Get well ! focus on getting over what your dealing with - we have had a wide spread summer cold - lots of heavy congestion and coughing and its pretty contagious. Spouse had it first then the grand baby , then me then the adult grand daughter… fortunately using hand sanitizer and staying a distance from my co-worker - no one else got it but 90 miles away my elderly Mom also had it so we’ve had to stay away from folks for a bit.