USB module possible?

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Since this unit doesn’t have too many USB-A ports, perhaps smaller USB module (something like the DevTerm has) could be developed to complement the Wireless module for those who don’t need cellular connectivity? Or maybe add some small external speakers or something else?

A KVM module would be neat

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A USB-C 3.0 port would open the uConsuel up to all sorts of dongles and adapters. Maybe a module that can fit a Framework laptop expansion card.

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isn’t the cell module expansion port thingy (at least, partially) USB pins? hypothetically you could wire a hub there

tho what i plan to do with mine is to wire a USB hub chip to the keyboard pogo pins, and use that as the source for my extra USB

raspberry pi cm3 and cm4 do not support usb 3.0. usb 2.0 masquerading in a type c is all it is

I’d love to see a PCB like this, for me as a bridge to integrate a SDR of some kind…

Oh wow, I never knew that. I just assumed that since the Pi 4B had USB 3.0 the CM4 would support the same specs.

yeaah its kinda a weird scenario, this can be solved with an additional chip like the vl805 from VLI. but it enumerates as a pcie interface, technically this is doable because you could do a custom carrier for the cm4 but you cant pass the signal lanes via the carrier to the cpi board. best case scenario is a custom cm4 to cm3 carrier with a flex pcb to another pcb that the actual type c connector on it. doable, but boy howdy is it a pain in the butt

ugh. I might actually attempt this now. such a carrier board would work both with devterm and uconsole, and i would love to use my framework modules in my devterm and uconsole

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