Devterm with Pronterface

Hi all.

I’m trying to use my DevTerm to pronterface into my 3D printer.

I have pronterface successfully installed on the device and running however it doesn’t detect the port once I plug in the USB cable.

Has onyone else done this or have any ideas as to why it’s not working? I suspect it might be USB serial driver related but am not sure.

does your device show up on your usb ports:

should show up in the folder:


per: How to List USB Devices Connected to Your Linux System


you should see a list of usb devices if the hardware doesn’t show it at least is plugged in it might be something more simple like the board on your printer does not have power…

Device shows up if i do lsusb.

I don’t seem to have a /dev/usb/ folder though which is now concerning me.

I worked with third party thermal printers a while back this is where I put the notes has some usb info

Devterm might store the files a little differnently in terms of location but lsusb should indicate all ports you may have to run as root:

sudo lsusb

Dev term should have like ~10 devices including a linux foundation root hub…

at root prompt on the devterm (terminal emulator)

cd … (this takes you up one root directory)

cd dev/usb

when you do dir there it will tell you the directory is hidden… so that won’t be much help and I can’t seam to get into that directory on mine either so no problem - use lsusb to troubleshoot for your 3d printer device

using the gui file system you should be able to see a folder /dev/usb/ but the contents are hidden…

at a minimum the devterm thermal printer should be there as welll as the internal uart for the usb hub…

notes on my printer search:

Ok so the port just appeared in pronterface for no reason having been trying this for hours with no luck and it is now connecting fine. I’m no wiser on why it wasn’t working but at least it is working now!

Thanks for your help :smiley: