Micro-USB UART debugging port

So I am wondering about the “Micro-USB UART debugging port” on the Ext. board. What do you think it can be used for? Will it expose a virtual serial port in the OS that I could connect all sorts of external micros to? That would open up a lot of possibilities.

Or will it just spit out some debugging info when I connect a terminal to it?

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The keyboard’s UART actually states that its for programming while the EXT board says debug. there is STM32 code in the printer folder on github. the printer code references WiringPi and for some reason there appears to be symlinks to the keyboard code (looks like fonts?) that references STM32. so im betting the debug UART is when the printer is acting up and you wanna see what is getting spat out on the debug. maybe also debug usb… probably not the fan… but that printer? highly likely printer debug

OK…so now that I have a DevTerm in my hands I would like to figure out this debugging port on the Ext. board.

From the schematics I see that it is connected to a CH340 UART to USB converter, which in turn seems to be connected directly to GPIO32 & 33 on the CPU. I do not know whether it is exposed as a device in the OS already, but I see a /dev/ttyACM0 exists.

I would like to try connecting the microUSB debug port to another PC and see if the two can communicate, like as if I connect an Arduino to my PC. Is that safe to do or a bad idea?

So, I connected the Debug port to another PC, and when it doesn’t crash my USB hub, it just registers as a USB device, but no virtual COM port or anything seems to be created. Don’t really know where to go from here.