Missing audio jack?

Assembling my uConsole!

The ext module is completely empty. I did not order a cellular version, so this module being relatively empty makes sense. But it seems to be missing a jack for headphones. See pic. I don’t see any additional parts related to audio (the speakers are installed beneath the ext module). Am I actually missing something here?

headphone jack is on the other side.

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You’re right, I do have an audio jack on the main board. Thanks for pointing that out.

The assembly instructions have one drawn in this spot, too, so I guess I just let that freak me out too soon.

That doesn’t look right at all, it looks to me like you got an unpopulated board. The EXT. module is keyed so the components like the 4G chip and other stuff should be on the side you are looking at, it isn’t like it is upside down because of aforementioned keying and the core is visible on that same side of the mainboard. You should absolutely have a headphone jack, not to mention literally everything else there - see

I think you need to contact support and I probably wouldn’t power it on with that in there, not that I think anything would actually break but I think it better not to tempt fate and have to wait for an entire new set of innards.

Edit: re-read your post, so if you didn’t order it then you obviously don’t need to go to support for it, I would just leave it out entirely. Is this a common thing? I wonder if this ships with all uConsole versions or was this a mistake on yours?

Edit 2: Speakers. Ignore me, ill leave this up for people to see my lack of reading the post lol. I have the module so I had no idea it was being shipped as an unpopulated board. Makes sense though as the only place the speakers have to go.

It seems this board is required to run the speakers (they’re installed beneath the board.) but seeing it totally unpopulated compared to the diagram freaked me right out. I hope everything needed to run the speakers is included …

Edit: We are editing right past each other - cheers! :smiley:

I assume there are just traces going straight those speaker terminals from the mainboard without the need for any additional circuitry.

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