My device has some quality issues

Order #19531 here (CM4 without the 4G module). Finally received my long awaited toy today, but it quickly left me with some disappoinment and questions…

  1. The case comes with slight defect out of the box. The actual situation is slightly worse than what is shown in the picture, it is hard to capture the details on shiny surface with camera.

  2. The keyboard + track ball stop working intermittently. It seems like the keyboard doesn’t connect to the main board sometimes, it tends to happen after I screwed in the back cover but not 100%. Any advice on how to diagnose this problem?

  3. Are the speakers suppose to work without the 4G module? Nothing is soldered on the extension board and I hear no sound from the speakers.

  4. This might be a nitpick…the paint comes off easily, and I can feel some screwholes are much tigher than the others.

Is anyone here having similar problems with your device?

Yea, the speakers just connect to traces on the board. No need for components on it.

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maybe the keyboard might not be connecting via the pogo pins to the mainboard without the full pressure from the screws?

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Thanks for the advice! I suspected that and rescrewed the main board, it still happen sometimes afterwards.

I also tried pressing the board with my finger when the keyboard doesn’t work, it doesn’t help either…

Glad to know that :wink: I will try tomorrow to see if the speakers work. There are only 2 pins on the speaker but 4 contacts on the board, do I need to install the speakers in certain direction?

Nope, no specific direction needed as long as the speaker connections make contact.

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