Mupen64+ mario kart graphical glitch

I installed installed mupen64+'s dependencies manually from here

and finally got it working. I copied a Mario Kart ROM, and it runs. But my kart in game looks like a sticker instead of a 3d model as it should be, and it seems to have a square transparent mask around my kart, which filters out forground objects like other players and on-road items, but doesn’t affect background.

This looks like a graphics compromise. Any idea on the cause of and solution to this problem?

OS: v0.5
GPU driver: LIMA driver. With FBTRUBO, Mario Kart crashes immediately.

Hello! Welcome to the forums.

It’s definitely better than what it was before the Lima drivers got sorted out. Back then, it was an opaque black box.

I would say that given the progressing improvement from the 0.4 days, it’s a driver issue. From memory, we’re using Mesa 20.0.0.
Theres 20.1.0 coming out next month.

Another guess is that it’s something to do with alpha channel transparency, and the “smoke” coming out of the Karts. Again from memory, I remember a bit more smoke on my actual n64, than what I see on the Gameshell. (In the game, not the consoles :P)

It’s a bit of a pain, seeing how well it runs otherwise. I’m not sure what you mean re: looking like stickers. It may just be what n64 mariokart looked like.

I’ve got a config that I’ve been maintaining. See if that runs any different.

I’m also curious to see yours, to see if you’ve got any other things running that I haven’t.

Thanks for answering.
I’m not a graphics professional, so my questions may seem silly.

I found this page saying LIMA was merged into Mesa 19.1 back in 11 Apr. 2019.

Does that mean future Mesa updates comes with LIMA, without the need to upgrade LIMA driver independently? If so, Mesa upgrade seems a bit tricky. Can’t even check Mesa version with glxinfo command under an ssh terminal.

Or will future OS come with newer versions of Mesa?

About your dropbox share,

  1. I did not turn on NEON=1 while building, so I rebuilt them with NEON on, but Mario Kart still works the same.
  2. My launcher config (action.config) is identical to yours.
  3. Apart from some key mapping differences, these are some major diff between your mupen64plus.config and mine. I tried yours, bu still no luck :frowning:

lima driver is IN the kernel, mesa USE lima

if you want latest ones try my arch port or manually install packages, kernel and mesa are compiled each 15 days.

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