My Experience with PicoDrive+

This isn’t necessarily troubleshooting from my end, more like a documentation of my experience with the standalone emulator.

I finally decided that i should propably test PicoDrive+ on my GS, so i got myself some Roms, carried them into the corresponding folder, tried booting up sonic 2, GS gets the core up and running but then GS reboots?

Wierd, i thought to myself, but i tried again anyways and just like that it worked.
Tried sonic 3 afterwars but GS rebooted out of nowhere again and i end up in the main menu once more.

In the end, after some playing around and testing, Genesis games seem to run “semi stable”, if that makes any sense.

Now after a few days of just letting it sit, i try to boot my GS up again and before even the CPI YOU GOT MAIL screen comes up it shuts down on its own. This was just running of battery, it worked with the charging cable, no problems what so ever.

Now i thought the battery may have some issues but then i recalled the test drive with PicoDrive.

Now i guess i solved the problem for me by simply flashing the OS again and the booting process work fine again, but this was an overall pretty wierd experience for me.

It seems to me that PicoDrive works out of the box but at the cost of being rather unstable, however i cannot confirm this 100%

Have you had similar experiences with PicoDrive?


I’m a new user and completely inexperienced in this hobby. I have been able to successfully run all the emulators with the exception of PicoDrive. I’m really unsure why, I was able to test the ROMs with success on the PC, and did everything the same with other emulators, but the PicoDrive just won’t populate the ROMs. I’m currently troubleshooting the issue but am not having much luck as I have the comprehension of 3rd grader as to what exactly I’m doing.

Have you unpacked the roms or did you move them as a zip files?

They’re unpacked and in the PicoDrive folder. I think I have two separate cores for it installed and I’m wondering if that’s causing issue?

Have you tried using zipfiles instead?

Iiiii have not. I’ll give it a try after work!

Alright then, looking forward.

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Hey was great advice! It worked flawlessly and I am AMPED to finally be able to play Castlevania Bloodlines for the first time!

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No problemo. :wink:
Have fun