My Gameshell was shipped with a bad wifi antenna. who should I talk to?

I received my gameshell about a week ago now, and I think there is an issue with the wifi antenna on my gameshell.
I have never been able to get it to connect to my home wifi (neither 2.4GHz nor 5GHz)
I was able to connect to a friends wifi once but not again since, I have twice been able to connect to a mobile hotspot, but 99 out of 100 times the wifi list is simply empty. sometimes it picks up the neighbours wifi, but not the wifi hotspot that is literally next to the gameshell on the desk, even though it has previously connected to that same hosptot without any changes being made to the configuration.
One of the times that I was able to get it connected I even tried conencting to my “real” wifi using wicd-curses but that did not work either, and trying that again is now imposible, since I am now unable to connect to any network…

I have followed every internet trouble shooting guide I have been able to find so far but nothing works. I can only assume that this is a hardware issue. I can only assume that I have been sent a faulty unit.

I have tried to find some form of contact information on the website but there does not seem to be any. Who do I talk to?

Hullo! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:
For now, contact

Here’s the FAQ where this email can be found:

Also check if your wifi is an open network. The gameshell does not like connecting to such wifi networks. I found this information using the search function of the forum. I’ll link it here so you can research some more.

thanks for the email address, I will reach out to them.

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Good luck! While waiting, give the forum a good search. It sounds like your problem is one that has been encountered before; possibly related to your router’s configuration.

Also try changing the power profile to server mode, reflashing fine SD card with a fresh image, or connecting via USB ethernet.