My GameShell's wifi is broken!

When open the gameshell, the wifi logo shown on the top right of the screen has an exclamation mark. My version is v0.5, and when I enter the ‘network gateway switch’ and touch ‘Wi-Fi’, it show me ‘Wi-Fi is not connected’. What should I do? Please help me and thank you!

Haven’t met this kind of problem yet, but I guess…you could check out the BIOS and see if the wifi hardware is running well?

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what will happen if you go into settings->wifi and press X to scan?

It can’t find my own wifi

well,I think that means , the wifi is not broken yet

currently gameshell only support 2.4ghz wifi with psk password

if you want to test the wifi , try to setup a simple cell phone hotspot to connect

There have been quite a few posts like this. You can search them up. But here’s a few things from memory.
The reception seems to be a big contributing factor. Try moving literally right up to your router.
Try restarting your router. Yup. I’m serous. Also try restarting your gameshell. Then try flashing a spare SD card. Then try putting your original card in.
I remember reading it having problems with open networks.
The weather affects my wifi in my house a lot. Try another day.
At the end of the day, I normally connect my gameshell via USB micro. Means I get power, faster data transfer speeds and more reliable a connection.
There isn’t that much that you really need wifi for tbh. The only I use it for is tiny edits via my phone, if I’m not at home.

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ok, Thankyou, I will have a try

One thing I found in critical need of wifi access was Pico-8. And since that was a main reason I bought the GameShell, the poor/flaky wifi reception made me sad. :frowning:

That said, I recently resurrected my device after a bit of a sabbatical. (Sorry!) I’ve got your latest custom DEOT version running, and I’m impressed with all the additions and improvements! But before I decided to upgrade and then finally try to rebuild what I had on it before (which is still a project), I decided to upgrade the wifi antenna based on that other thread. For literally a few dollars from Amazon, and a decent amount of fear, it turned out to be really easy to remove the original (poor) antenna and replace it with a new one. I went from about 30-40% showing to 80-90% showing in an area of my house. It still can’t connect to all access points (depending on the security setup, of course), but it’s far more usable now and I don’t have to only use it in certain physical locations like I did before!

I wouldn’t recommend the antenna upgrade to someone that hasn’t soldered anything before. But if you’ve done some light soldering in the past, it’s pretty easy to remove the old part, and the two solder points are big enough and spaced out enough that it was much easier than I imagined.

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I open my hotspot, but still it can’t find it.