My gameshell will not charge anymore/peeping sound while charging

My gameshell Battery was at about 50% when I decided to charge it up since I was going to be away for a while and I wanted a full battery to accompany for some gaming on the go. However, when I plugged in the cable it charged for like 2-3 second before I heard a small noise and the Charging light on the motherboard went out. According to the UI it wasn’t charging anymore either…

Does anyone know if this is maybe a fixable issue? (probs not but you never know)

Edit: After letting it sit for a couple of minutes and plugging it in again it started charging again. The charging light turns on with a little delay to the initial plug in [not sure if that’s normal] and upon closer inspection the is a continuous peeping sound coming from the Mainboard itself while being charged. Can anyone confirm that their units are doing the same thing or do I need to be concerned?

When you say peeping shound do you mean like a beep? Is it possible to record this sound for us to hear?

The mainboard does not have any speakers on it so if it is making a noise it should be coming from the speaker module.

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That’s what I thought too, however I unplugged the speaker and tested it that way, it still makes that sound. I try recording it later and send a link to the file when I have it.

Just tried recording it but it’s way to quiet to be picked up by any microphone I have lying around unfortunately. It does however get louder once the battery is at a full charge. It sort of sounds like the needle of a hard drive scratching on the disc if that helps.

I have found a video by Linus Tech tips which would best describe my issue apparently it’s something called coil whine and is completely normal for electronics especially power supply’s which would explain why my gameshell is making that noise only when it’s plugged in.