Gameshell doesn't work (maybe)

Received and assembled my Gameshell today. If i try to boot a yellow led turn on for some seconds on the motherboard back but display remains black. Can’t see or hear anything.
Trying to charge and an orange led turn on on motherboard back.
Double-checked all connection, tried with power button on bottom of motherboard too, any ideas?

Thanks for help

I don’t believe the GameShell makes sound on boot.
Your LED flashes seem to be correct.
Yellow is on during boot
Orange is charge indicator

So, assuming that it is really booting. All you can do is triple-check the screen’s ribbon cable. If something is damaged on the board or in the screen you ought to contact

Triple-checked, nothing.
Any other ideas?

I had the same kind of problem when i finished to build the GS.
I unbuild and rebuild it… And be sure to had insered the SD card perfectely

To resolved my problem, i try to unplug the battery and the keyboard and start just the screen and mainboard with a usb cable… I try the same with the keyboard plug and after that i try to put the battery… Eliminate all hardware possibilitys

Should it work powering with usb and only with motherboard and display?
I will try.

Yes to see if some connection is malfonctionnal

If i connect only the screen to the motherboard (with micro sd inserted) the boot seems to start but display doesn’t turn on. Any other ideas? I think I need a replacement for some parts.

Support replaced motherboard and screen and now everything is working flawlessly.

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