Can the Gameshell be plugged into the wall using a USB power brick?

Or would that just explode things. I currently have it plugged into my usb hub on my PC, I just want to know if I could plug it into the wall without things going Note 7 on me. I would likely use an Apple power brick, so it won’t be a dodgy no-name one.

Yes it can, it has the AXP223 chip

Which is the power management chip that manages power and the battery and has couple of features including:

AXP223 has integrated various protection circuits such as Over voltage Protection(OVP)/Under voltage Protection(UVP) 、Over temperature protection(OTP)、Over current protection(OCP)

Wonderful, thank you! I just ask because the back of the unit tends to get somewhat warm during use, which can be disconcerting to say the least.

Phones also warm up alot if you use them while charging. You could avoild extra heat by not using the gameshell while charging.

One concern in phones is that heat reduces the lifetime of LI-PO/LI-ION batteries, on the gameshell the battery is far away from any heat from the mainboard.

This is true. I suppose I just don’t expect a device of this size to heat up. And I’ve been using it plugged in as USB Ethernet is the only way I can transfer files, as my computer has no wireless capabilities.

Don’t leave it plugged in charging while in a case, or anything else covering the back. Got a nice melted read case. That was completely my fault for not providing enough ventilation.

Hmm mine never got that hot, I guess its silicon lottery!


Did it melt the plastic? Was that in some sort of carrying case or holder while it charged, or did it just melt itself?

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It was my fault entirely. I had it inside a little rope tied nylon bag thing. The kind you get with portable hard drive caddies. TERRIBLE for any kind of ventilation. Ironically, I had it inside there to prevent things being dropped on the Gameshell while compiling.
Thankfully it was mainly the clear CPI shell that melted, and not the rear shell. The bag I had it in however was a smouldering mess. It melted onto the gameshell, and I feared the worst.

Wow. I just keep it on my desk while charging, I don’t think it’ll combust that way, one would hope.

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It was also doing some fairly intensive compiling using all four cores. Normally if it’s charging sitting on a desk, you wouldn’t be using it much.
Probably would be a good idea to shut your gameshell off while charging, since it will let your battery charge
faster, since it wouldn’t be drawing any current.
In fact, I wonder if the power management chip automatically makes the CPI board draw exclusively from the USB port once the battery is charged. The last thing I’d want are a bunch of micro battery cycle drains while it’s plugged in, if it draws from the battery.

Yeah, I always turn it off when not in use, because to be perfectly honest the battery life is a bit crap.

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Agreed. That’s why I followed this thread and ordered a 2400mAh battery replacement.