Mystery tiny plastic part - where does it go?

I had an accident involving peppermint tea and my DevTerm A04. This really makes you appreciate an open user-serviceable design :slight_smile:

Anyway, after panic disassembly, wiping, some isopropyl alcohol and re-assembly, I was left with a really tiny (c:a 4mm) plastic part, that I have no idea where it is supposed to fit. Needless to say, it’s not a part of the original parts list or assembly instructions. Any clues most appreciated!

That looks like a port cover for one of the ports, but I don’t have mine handy to figure out which one.

Cover for ports? Mine doesn´t have that. Honestly I´ve never seen that piece! I even opened mine and started thinking possible locations for something like that but with no results.

So I wrapped it up, and the DevTerm appears to be working fine despite the tea assault – and without this litte mysterious piece. Will get back if I ever figure it out!