A06 assembly questions

Just got my devterm and found this small plate, oneside wave shape, another side is covered with blue tape, which is place on top of the core along with a pink foam board inside the original package slot. I don’t see that match any of the part in parts list of the mannual. Could any one help me out?

I am just now mounting the core, wondering if it is related with the core mouting?

I think that might be a heatsink. I might be wrong, though

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Just stick it on core board, make sure it cover core and ram

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Sadly, I’ve seen no official response to this question so far. It’s been asked/mentioned several times on the forums. Hopefully just sticking it on is the appropriate thing to do, but it would be nice to hear something official since this seems like a critical part of the device. Hopefully none of the devices will be ruined if owners fail to install it correctly, or at all.


it is a heatsink, you remove the white layer and stick the adhesive part onto the core module

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