Aha!look at my DEOT!!yeah!

i love gameshell!


so a 3D printed back shell?

Eyy, that’s pretty cool. How’d you get that finish on the back panel?

yes a 3d printed back shell (nylon)

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3d printed~~i have the backshell 3d printed.stl

OP this thread is terrible! Yeah it is nice but the information you are giving us is useless!!!

Answer this:

  • That doesn’t look like a normal 3D print, it look really nice, do you mind giving us more information of how you achieve this quality?

  • Common man, share the .stl files!!! please! =)

I don’t know what’s upload my *.stl file。。。。can you tell me your email and help me share the stl?

use to upload your files

Could you also share how did you manage to move around the components while keeping the cables that came with the GS (in a similar thread, the back panel in question needed longer cables in order to work.

I change my battery,so the cable is ok!

ok wait me for a few hours , I am a Chinese ,i need over the firewall to upload the stl

the backshell
This document is from the id:xin ~he is Fabricator
this is the URL


Ohh I see, someone made the design in another thread, thanks for sharing big face bro, your gameshell look really nice!

The design is from Xin as you said and there seems to be a problem with stock cables, seems that the battery needs a few milliliters more. I’m gonna print the design and try it out but i doubt I will get the quality you got. Its a really nice print, did you order it?

Hello…could you send this stl to me? please…I cound not find this stl…

it should be this one: