New device Can't connect to wifi

Hi guys,
I have just received my Gameshell bu i can’t connect to the Wifi, do you have any tips to correct that?

Hullo and welcome to the forums!

One big thing to do regardless is to try and download a new OS based off of the latest 0.5 version.
You’ll be doing this in future anyway, so might as well do it now.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to do that, honestly just try restarting it a few times. With the old OS, some days I freak out I either broke my installation, or physically ruined the mainboard, then shortly after it fixes itself.

Also try searching “wifi” in the forum search. You’ll get a lot of results. Keep in mind, they may be outdated and for an old OS, so check the date the posts were made.

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Do you have any idea how can i update the device using windows10, and without accessing to internet ( i guess it’s because i should have a router with 2.4 GHz and i have 5 GHz) i cant modify the router frequency.
So if anyone have any tips to help me out.
Thanks a lot.

is that gs can not see your wifi at the WiFi settings list or there is no wifi items in the settings at all?

As long as your windows 10 computer can access the internet, you’re set. I’m guessing that’s how you’re talking here haha!
Here is the official image that is out.

You will need to decompress the bz2 file to have an img file to work with.
And this is a popular program used to write the image.

You will possibly need to buy a SD micro card reader. Just go to your local electronic shop, and ask for something that fits this description. A lot of computers have this built in; especially laptops.

Hi all,
I was able to connect the device and i’m using filezilla to put the img into it.
i connect it using the laptop creating wireless access point 2.4Ghz and that’s working.
final question in any place should i put the img or the zip file?

Just clarifying; put the img or zip file … where? If you’re using the etcher program, there’s only one place to put it. You don’t put it on the SD card itself.
The image files come as compressed bz2 files, but I’m guessing you mean compressed files when you say zip. (Bzip2; go figure)
You will need to decompress the bz2 file to have an img file to work with.

I’m using filezilla to access the device via Wifi, zip file is the bz2 file.
The problem is when i’m accessing the device via wifi, in any location should i put the bz2 to lauch the update.

It’s not actually FileZilla you use to update the gameshell.
You need to erase the SD card. Completely. You use a program such as etcher to write a NEW OS onto the SD Card.
Now. There is a way to update the existing OS 0.4 to OS 0.5, but if you have a new unit that’s barely been used, you’re better off just doing the above. It’s still very new, and not very beginner friendly. That said I don’t know what your experience level is.
The instruction to update via SSH (which I think you can do via FileZilla?) are on the download page of the OS 0.5 image.
Keep in mind that the file you downloaded is not something you transfer to your Gameshell with FileZilla. It’s like giving someone brain surgery while they’re still conscious. Technically doable, sometimes something you need to do, but very awkward, and something you need to know how to do very well.

You will need to decompress the bz2 file to have an img file to work with.

Before tackling an OS update, keep in mind, the OS update will not upgrade the hardware to be able to use your 5GHz wifi.
That said, most routers should transmit at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, with the latter being an added option to enable. File transfer speed is better with 5GHz, but wall penetration/range is better with 2.4GHz. The SSID sometimes follows the format of “Network Name” for 2.4GHz and “Network Name (5GHz)” for 5GHz. If anything, it’s usually the 5GHz network that is disableable; not the 2.4GHz. Can you access your router’s setup page?

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…wait so you CAN connect to your gameshell to the wifi?

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Haha I had a laugh at that initially, till I realised they made a wifi access point on their laptop. I edited my previous post, addressing that they should probably sort out their router problems first; since that was the point of this thread.

AH i just found that comment. My bad :rofl:

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