New DevTerm owner (CM4) & keyboard shortcuts

Hi folks,

I’ve just received my CM4 DevTerm - yes I know I’m late on the adopter curve :wink:

After a worrying period of it not starting (the CM4 module was not shoved in with enough force) I’m up and running and have updated OS and keyboard firmware from the official github repo.

The trackball is even jankier than I feared so I’m trying to get to grips with the keyboard shortcuts but I’m not finding them to work as expected/documented for the Pi:

  • CTRL-ALT-T launches a terminal.
  • CTRL-ESCAPE does NOT open the system menu, and neither does ALT-F1.
  • CTRL-ALT-L does NOT lock the screen.
  • Assuming CMD is the “Windows” key then shortcuts such as CMD-A (“Opens the application menu”) are NOT behaving as expected either.

Presumably I’m doing something stupid and would appreciate someone setting me upon the correct path.

Also my XTAR 18650 3500 mAh batteries are charging incredibly slowly.

Best wishes,


The stock Clockworkpi images have slow charging defaults among other issues. I’ve made a updated images and fixed some of the problems with them. the only thing that doesn’t work on the DevTerm on this new image is the thermal printer right now.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

Thanks @Rex, I will give it a look when I get a chance.

Does it include any changes that might help with the keyboard shortcut issues or is that something else / my misunderstanding ?

Best wishes,


keyboard Shortcuts is something you’ll have to add. the charging rate is fix. Also has a newer kernel.


I’m beginning to have a suspicion that my keyboard module might be a bit wonky:

Is the trackball (despite not being great) actually meant to be usable ? Mine is very erratic and certainly not smooth, it’s largely unresponsive to small movements but given a bit of a flick it will jerk across the screen.

Is the [Cmd] key meant to be the “Windows” key, it doesn’t seem to do anything, but if I plug an external USB keyboard then the “Windows” key performs “as expected”.

Some of the keys, especially “E” experience a double-bounce when pressed.

Any views ?


The track ball is just shit, get one of these it won’t be perfect but it does work a bit better. It is a drop in replacement.

The keyboard leaves something to be desired but I don’t type on it for long periods of time. So I can deal with it.

Thanks for the prompt responses and helping me with my teething troubles @Rex.

The track ball is just shit

I’m not sure “shit” quite does it justice, which is why I’m wondering if there may actually be a fault with my keyboard unit.

If your DevTerm is convenient could I ask you to start it up and press the [Cmd] key on the Pi OS desktop and tell me it does anything, if it is the “Windows” key then it should display the application menu … if it isn’t the “Windows” key then what is it ?

Best wishes,


It shows the application menu.

Thanks @Rex,

So as I suspected it is the “Windows” key and either that key on my keyboard is non-functional, or more likely we are running different keyboard firmware.

Do you know which firmware you are running ? Is it possible to query it ? In theory I installed the latest from the official github repo .

Best wishes,


That’s the firmware I have installed on my DevTerm keyboard.

Do me a favor and run xev and see if the key is being registered as being pressed.

OK, it is being registered, it is Super_R so I’ve got a mapping missing somewhere.

Through brute force and ignorance I have fixed it by editing /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc to map both LWIN and RWIN to Super_L.



Quite surprised at this threat tbh. I mean, I’ve never seen a DevTerm, and actually only had an uConsole in my hands. But, in this unit I talk about, the keyboard is great once you get to hold it with both hands like a “Game-Boy” (I type kind of “phone fast” with it). The the trackmousithingy is amazing, once you get used to it, for sure. I quite tended to muscle-memory-learned to use the pressure as “sensitivity”, I’ll explain; just “rubbing” the surface for fast movements, and pushing it (with care, I know there’s a button but…xd) for smaller movements.

Mate, you should know what I’m talking about.