New GameShell Limited Edition?

Hi all.
I received an email this afternoon with a promotion of “Limited Edition GameShell Christmas Gift Box”, which includes for the same price the three colored covers. Now the question is … what happens with those who place the order in the month of November, as is my case, for $ 159 and only includes one case? We are still waiting for the shipment, and I do not find any logic to keep that order for the same price, getting less content.
Can you change the previous order for the new one? and if not, how can I cancel my order and get my money back?
I find all this a joke in bad taste … a greeting.

it seems legit :- )


I’m also worried about this as well. Surely previous pre orders will be upgraded? Hopefully we I’ll get confirmation soon…

That’s funny. My friend and I both have back orders, we were just wondering this as well. Hopefully they will do the right thing and upgrade the orders.

Yup. As @Mad_Ned says we were wondering the same thing.

Yeah it is kind of strange that they would punish early buyers like that, I have also ordered back in november but had I waited I would have gotten a better deal which is odd

I hope I get upgraded as well.

I hope we have an answer to this soon, because if I do not upgrade the previous order, I would like to know how I can cancel the order and get my money back. All this seems a joke in very bad taste.

I’m sorry for the confusion. This Limited Edition GameShell is a special Christmas promotion that will only be available for a short period, and these gift boxes will be sent at least two weeks after other orders are shipped. If you pre-ordered within the past week, and wish to be changed to this late edition, please send email to

OK, I’ve already sent an email to see if they can make the change to this new version. Thank you.