New user of the uConsole tearing on the screen when checking videos

I think is noticeable because the screen is rotated 90degrees maybe I need to screen the refresh rate?

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Hi Trinity,

it was on youtube 720p fullscreen or Mednaffe fullscreen
was some vertical tearing on the thirds of the screen

but now I did something and mess up the screen settings.
I think now only have external screen. Not sure what I did
what is a ps output I know a little of bash

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anyone can show me a normal config.txt i think this one is mess up

Here you go


I had good results getting rid of tearing by enabling Wayland. I believe it’s still listed as mildly experimental in raspbian though, and comes with all the usual wayland caveats.

Use ‘raspi-config’ in the terminal, then go to Advanced->Wayland and enable.

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Nice, which caveat ?

I don’t have my uConsole yet, but I tried activating Wayland on my DevTerm and one thing I noticed was that it broke the VNC server I had setup on it. Disabling Wayland caused the VNC server to start working again. So maybe that’s one of the caveats. :wink:

Yeah, absolutely - if it’s something that interacts with the screen (especially if it’s X11 specific) it may simply not work, or be buggy.

For myself so far I noticed that tic-80 fullscreen freezes the display under wayland, and I had to press F11 to go windowed to use it.

If there’s as solution to tearing that doesn’t involve using a slightly more experimental feature like wayland on the pi I’d love to hear it.

Thank you, this solved the issue with the screen not rendering. :smiley:

now ill try to check about the tearing again ill place photos

correct config.txt



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enabling wayland get rid of the tearing in youtube, but emulators stop rendering images

the render need to be done by softfb no opengl
no tearing in emulators now

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