DevTerm screen has “tearing” effect when scrolling in Chromium

Looks like a slow buffer update issue - is this due to low GPU performance?

Screen works but had a horridly slow refresh rate or tearing. I cancelled my uConsole order as I’m worried you’re using a substandard Panel.

Is the existing panel 60Hz?

Just try scrolling in chromium. You’ll see the issue

Which SoC module are you using?

Screen tearing is a common issue when running an X11 window manager on a SPI screen using a CM4 or Raspberry Pi 4, and I definitely saw it on the uConsole running the ClockworkPi provided distro.

When I switched to PostmarketOS running SwayWM (using Wayland instead of X11) the screen tearing was completely gone. It was so bad that it bugged me on day 1 and I’m surprised anyone thought it was acceptable. Thankfully it’s a software issue not a hardware one.