OpenBSD support


I am a OpenBSD user and I would love to use it on the DevTerm. I know that Openbsd can be installed on RPi 3 and 4 (source) but I wish to know if this is the same for your own cores, specialli A-04. Also, if it is, could you create a Wiki page to describe how to proceed?



I have not yet been able to successfully get open or free bsd on an pi but I admit i could be trying harder… that said, there images and tutorials:

I don’t think this needs to be said but just incase it doesn’t immediately come to mind… you of course would need ARM specific image and kernel and anything you get from the ports tree will need to have an ARM version or you’ll have to compile it.

We currently don’t know exactly what SoC ClockworkPi is going to use.

In theory there is no reason OpenBSD could not run on either of their SoC, but it will probably not be supported out of the box. What effort would be needed, it’s a bit difficult to answer and would also depends on what you want on the board to be working. Driver is and will always be the most limiting factor than the CPU itself.

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got freebsd booting up on a pi4, finally. might try to see if i can manage openbsd later