OpenBSD support?


i am considering to buy the uConsole, but i’d like to use OpenBSD on it.
As CM4 is listed as a supported version at the OpenBSD page, but i am not sure about the supported interfaces (MIPI?), maybe it would not support every hw on the adapter-board.

Yeah, i know about all the supported linux distributions, but i can’t enjoy any linux, so thats not a solution for me.

Thank You.

Could you build out the image in a chroot that is a mounted SD card from a donor cross compile enabled system? FreeBSD vs OpenBSD vs NetBSD may have slightly different results too. I have pre-ordered the R-01 flavor and will be trying out various RISC-V supported OSes just to play [ riscv - FreeBSD Wiki as a guide for say FreeBSD ] I hope to add details back to this form to share with the community once node is in hand :smiley:

Freebsd is my prefered system to run but Iv always struggled with compatibility when using hats/phats or any of the displays which utilize the rpi gpio. Hopfully this can change that