Padded Carrying Case

My Devterm is mounted in the earlier version of the Field Ops Shell…

so it needs more space for transport and storage…

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I don’t think it’s wide enough? Isn’t the uConsole 5 inches?


I have a few of these Wynex pouches in various sizes I keep my gadgets and amateur radio gear in. I love them because I can attach them to my SOG backpack when I go out.

I’d think a uConsole would fit nicely in one of these and some room for a charger and some SDR/antennas etc .

WYNEX Tactical Molle Admin Pouch of Laser Cut Design, Utility Pouches Molle Attachment Military Medical EMT Organizer with Map Pocket EDC EMT Pack IFAK Tool Holder Universal U.S.A Patch Included


I don’t know … I haven’t gotten mine yet… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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I like this one better from Amazon : WYNEX Tactical Folding Admin Pouch, Molle Tool Bag of Laser-Cut Design, Utility Organizer EDC Medical Bag Modular Pouches Tactical Attachment Waist Pouch Include U.S Patch


you’re right! Thanks for pointing it out.

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Last month I bought a couple of cheap travel cases for action cameras for another project and the uConsole fits nicely in them - just use a pair of scissors to trim the cutouts.

I need to look at something to cover the screen as if I out something in the pouch it could be an issue - hence currently got some of the cutout foam in there, but it works nicely.

Screenshot from 2023-07-19 08-05-32


when I get my mitts on a uconsole (soon TM) I promise the community ill design an armored case for it just like I did for the devterm. IT WILL BE DONE


check this bag out BAIGIO Men’s Leather Shoulder Bag Messenger Pack Handbag Bag Crossbody Bag Man Purse Sling Satchel Bag for Bussiness Travel

7" wide 8.6 " high…

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Just got this case, fits well, a little too large but not bad and it has a handle as well.

More nerd oriented that tactical. :smiley:

A tip, for extra padding use the included dividers along the inside bottom and end edges.


Here is my case hard case and it has all my spares repairs in it too perfect.


Wow, thats a nice case! Did you buy that for the uConsole specifically or did you already have it laying around? If you did buy it new, do you have a link?

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This case was sent to me with a handheld sample called the Digi dock V2 a very rare handheld i just used the case and cut out the sponge to fit my needs :slight_smile:


this looks great. what brand is that case? can you link it pls.

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It’s the PROtastic® Medium Travel Carrying Storage Protective Shell Bag Case Pouch


This is my case Imgur: The magic of the Internet


thanks, this looks perfect

I ordered one - before my uConsole has even arrived… sigh…

From where did you get this one?
Look absolutely amazing

I posted a link to it a bit earlier in this thread Padded Carrying Case - #21 by PeterMount