U-console accessory question

Hello, I’m very excited to be a U-console user in the next few months.

Is there anyone who prepared accessories that can protect devices such as LCD protective film pouch?

I’ve used Messenger bags to carry my DevTerm … these will work for the uConsole as well.

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Once i get mine, and can take good measurements, i think i’ll get something like a camera bag or even a drawstring pouch to carry it in


My girlfriend has a sewing machine, I’ll see if maybe she could make a few cases for them to sell on Etsy. Maybe leather, something that she could sell for less than $30 and be nice!


was her Itsy payments interrupted by the west coast bank issue?

I have no idea about whats going on with that, just an idea of anyone was interested maybe she’d do it

do y’all ever get sick of living through historical events btw?
in the past year, from memory:

  • major war that may escalate into WW3
  • the 2nd and 3rd largest bank failure in American history
  • the former president may be indicted for hush money payments to a porn star

and that’s just what i could think of off the top of my head

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wait, what does this have to do with clockwork?

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i got reminded of it because mham mentioned the bank issues

The older you get, the more history you live through.

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fair enough
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im sorry but your answer must be phrased as a question… and other 20 char obscure rules.
no i asked about itsy because ive heard they had no payments last week. would a fabric line synthetic or real leather case be a better way to carry the uConole than fabric alone. a leather like material might offer more protection . i intend to carry mine in my backpack but would like a sleeve to protect from damage…

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I think it should be something that’s

  1. Drop resistant, so it doesn’t dent if you drop it inside or outside a bag
  2. Scratch resistant, for keys or whatever in your bag
  3. Somewhat water resistant, for obvious reasons
  4. Easy to open and close
  5. Able to carry spare 18650 batteries, a tool to open the uConsole, charging cable, a spare SD card
    1, 2, and 4 seem easy enough, but doing 3 and 5 and under $30 might be difficult. Or it might be simple. I don’t really know. I need a uConsole for her to start designing with tho!
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I have 3 accessories in mind, and on paper speccing out…

A: Extension stacked bolts to replace the standard side mounted kickstand bolts. The second level will feature a post to add a carrying strap. This should place it like a messenger bag / sling bag on the body.

B: A collapsible monitor shroud that when open will shield the screen from direct sunlight and act as a privacy screen, and when collapsed down (hinged above the top of the display) would act as a screen protector. Considering using extended bolts for the mid and upper faceplate to mount shroud.

C: Might create a mold for a single piece rubber port insert protector. I use these on my laptops and they are invaluable for the protection they offer.

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Once drawings come out - the bolt size should be available - most likely metric … the next issue is what type of stacked bolts? The bolts that hold the stand are the best option for A and B - did you 3d print your port protectors? I have a PLA Ops shield for my DevTerm but there are printable materials that are rubber like…

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From the images, it looks like the kickstand rotates around a post that is built into the case structure and the bolt head is what keeps it on. If that is accurate, I was thinking something like a guitar strap bolt (but smaller) for the strap. And the strap would have the locking mechanism to attach.

edit: more like this actually:

I would 3d print the port protector (pla) and have a friend create a rubber mold of it. Maybe. In the interim, I think I have all of the individual pieces laying around. They can be found pretty cheaply as single pieces, but an all in one plug would be sick.

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