Padded Carrying Case

Just got this case, fits well, a little too large but not bad and it has a handle as well.

More nerd oriented that tactical. :smiley:

A tip, for extra padding use the included dividers along the inside bottom and end edges.


Here is my case hard case and it has all my spares repairs in it too perfect.


Wow, thats a nice case! Did you buy that for the uConsole specifically or did you already have it laying around? If you did buy it new, do you have a link?

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This case was sent to me with a handheld sample called the Digi dock V2 a very rare handheld i just used the case and cut out the sponge to fit my needs :slight_smile:


this looks great. what brand is that case? can you link it pls.

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It’s the PROtastic® Medium Travel Carrying Storage Protective Shell Bag Case Pouch


This is my case Imgur: The magic of the Internet


thanks, this looks perfect

I ordered one - before my uConsole has even arrived… sigh…

From where did you get this one?
Look absolutely amazing

I posted a link to it a bit earlier in this thread Padded Carrying Case - #21 by PeterMount

I picked up the Alpaka Tech Case Max, which is a nice over the shoulder sling bag. The strap it came with was a bit small so I ordered a longer one.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a very similar size and form factor. Leash is not included.

And here are a couple more – similar ones to those ‘origami’ ones that are available on Amazon:

Tomtoc (I have this one – the uConsole slides easily into one of the larger pockets): (~$35)

Innatech: (~$30)

Happy with this USA Gear case:

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I have a great case … just no uConsole :confounded: :worried:

this is the best…
ダルトン(Dulton) PCケース パデッド エンベロープ バッグ ラップトップ 13インチ用 封筒 耐水 軽い 強度 高さ330mm 幅260mm Y925-1247LT13

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As mentioned in another thread, this hard case fits perfectly for the uConsole:

I’ve purchased one, and I can confirm it fits as well as the photos!


Sweet. I ended up buying one for myself.

Found another alternative available on german amazon with a little more space for sma connectors etc:

I didn’t try it since I’m waiting for mine but the inner dimensions are
200 x 150 x 55mm
compared to the uconsoles:
170 x 130 x 26mm

The foam insert seems to be removable, optionally fillable it with something like this:

Make sure to pick size L.

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