Pi-hole, mathematica and disassembly

hi, I want to get the devterm RISC v. can I use pi-hole on it? also, rasberian comes with mathematica, does clockworkos come with this?

finally, if I want to install reaspberian could I put a clockworkpi/cm4 in the r01 and if so can I disassemble the r01, or are the pieces snap in?

thanks for the help


No idea about the other questions but the modules can just be swapped. I have an “A04 devterm” but ordered an R01 module which you can swap freely. It is a bit of a pain, you have to remove the front panel and remove the innards (which are just one self contained mass) so you can get to the back.

You then also have to swap your SD card to the one with the correct image on it obviously.

If there was ever a devterm 2.0 I would love to see a quick access door on the back of the case, might print one.

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I’m not familiar with (read: never used) either of these projects but the simple answer for “pi-hole” and “mathematica” is likely no. The RISC-V architecture has too few users for most commercial entities to even think about supporting it. I did not see anything on mathematica’s site about providing source, so it doesn’t appear to be available for non-mainstream users. “Pi-Hole” likely could be compiled on the RISC-V cpu but you’d have to be up to the task. I did not see any RISC-V binaries available.

The R01 is simply a SODIMM style card that plugs into the mainboard of the DevTerm. The site gives good pictures of how things plug together. Its a completely toolless operation once the parts have been cut from the spars they ship in. Basically changing compute modules is as simple as swapping RAM modules. Open case, snap-out, snap in. The case is opened and closed by twisting the two knobs on the sides. If you’ve ever upgraded a laptop’s RAM its the same process. :wink:

As @Daeraxa points out you will need to match the uSD card to the modules since the OS is different.

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