Is there a "barebones" version of these products? are they all "barebones?"

hi all, browsing the product list it seems at least some of these devices are based on the Pi CM4. I have one to use already, but I can’t tell whether all of these come with one pre-installed or if that’s a separate option or what. it looks like some of them have built-in RISC V SOCs soldered onto the board? am I completely misunderstanding this? would appreciate a breakdown of which product is what.

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All of the non CM4 versions come with the cpu, generally as part of the kit. You can swap out the processor for a different one without unscrewing anything. The RISC 5 version just swaps out for whichever version you bought. As for the CM4 I believe it’s just the adapter board and you would need to supply your own RPI.


thank you! so that would be this: and this? ps:// or this ps:// and the CM4 adapter? the product description for the uConsole says you should be able to buy a “no-module” version but I don’t see it on the “Shop” page unless I’m missing something…

If you have a CM4 core, order the CM4 version and select “none” for the core.

From the discription, the “none” CM4 version also comes with the adapter to use a CM4:

What’s in the Box:

  • Adapter for RaspberryPi CM4 computing module to the mainboard
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ok, so, just one more clarification question, lol.

I think that for all these devices, you get the device, including the ClockworkPi board, and potentially also an SOC and/or an adapter for connecting the CM4 to it depending on which option you choose. So for example I could get a DevTerm A04 kit and the adapter shown here: and would be able to use my DevTerm either with the A04-level SOC described in the item listing or with my CM4 module. Same goes for, for example, the uConsole R01 and the CM4 adapter, such that I could use it either with the RISC V SOC that ships with it or my CM4.

Do I have this right or are there configuration options I’m missing here that would preclude this kind of mixing and matching?


Yep that’s basically it. The full kit with your choice of SOC comes with a base Ubuntu image running Armbian overlays on an SD card, so you would have to grab the other images for the various SOC versions you buy. I personally did the A06 and the R01 versions.

Expect some time spent working out how to get your image to update after it arrives, the forums here have lots of useful info though, so you may be up to speed pretty quickly.

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perfect, thanks! I may end up getting a “no core” uConsole too if I like the DevTerm :slight_smile: