Pico-8 Advent Calendar 2019

For fans of Pico-8, it looks like the advent calendar is back again this year, with a new game each day this month. I hadn’t checked for new Pico-8 games for a week or so, but there are already 5 games available via the calendar.

Note that the 4th one isn’t playable on the GameShell directly, since it requires a mouse. But the main calendar works, and the other games are playable. (Hopefully there won’t be too many mouse-centric games.)

Here’s a link to the BBS entry, but the calendar should show up on the list in your GameShell when you run Pico-8:


Thank you so much for sharing this!! This is such a cute idea, and perfect for what the Gameshell should totally be used for in the future!! It reminds me a lot of the concept of the “play date” upcoming console.
If the game jams could be as easy to access as the pico advent calendar, it would be something that would put the gameshell in its own very unique category!

There is also this https://adventofcode.com/

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