Recommended Pico8 Games

Thought this might be useful for highlighting the better games to try out on Pico8.

Transdimensional Butterfly (Not a game but a old school demo with great music)
Hug Arena
Spaceman 8
Cyclo 8
Pico Racer 2048
Dusk Child

Just a few to start with, looking forward to any recommendations from others.

P.S. is there a way to enter letters into the ‘search’ section. I had to trawl for ages through trying to find some of my old favourites from when I messed about with Pico8 on the PocketChip.


NanoMan is pretty sweet it’s like Mega Man


check out a pico-8 game called “Signed by '89”. It is a rock band simulator where you have to get your band signed before the Bass player gets sent to military school. Surprisingly complex considering it was done in pico-8

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This looks like a fun gun! As I love Bubble Bobble I’m gonna check this one out once I get my GS

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The now defunct promo page for the PocketCHIP featured the following PICO-8 games (Fun fact, the images below are the actual games since the complete game code is embedded in them :grin:)

p8 duskchild picoracer2048 puzzlecave riseandshine strayshot tower twohikingcats


And the PocketCHIP promo video that is still on YouTube conveniently lists all featured games in the credits:

  • p.craft by NuSan
  • Shodo by oinariman
  • Hybris by Benjamin Soulé
  • Two Hiking Cats by Solar
  • Pico Racer by kometbomb
  • Tower of Archeos by Benjamin Soulé
  • Dusk Child by SophieHoulden
  • Hug Arena by Benjamin Soulé
  • Hyperspace by J-Fry
  • Celeste by krickit

Just a minor correction: Celeste was by Matt Thorson & Noel Berry (which eventually got a full console release in 2018)

(I believe krickit make a “fix” for the original, to account for a PICO-8 platform change and Music)

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Most played game at the moment - Cyclo 8. It’s like a mini version of Trials… or if you’re really old… Wheelie on the ZX Spectrum ;0)

Loving the cart/picture format. Does anyone know if you can transfer the .png files onto the Gameshell manually? saves having to scroll through huge lists of carts on the Pico8 program!

Yep, if you SSH into your GameShell, you should be able to transfer the .PNG into the PICO-8 “\carts” folder.
Which I think should be in:

Saw that in the text file. I used WinSCP to transfer a couple of carts into the .lexaloffle/pico-8/carts folder, started up Pico 8, but no joy. There is a little folder icon in with the ‘New’, ‘Featured’ etc, so I thought the would appear there, but no :cry: I’ll play about more and see if I’m possibly/probably doing something stupid!

Update: I was doing something stupid. I was renaming the .png to make it easier to identify the game. I deleted the .p8 before the .png and that’s what screwed it up. So if you rename them, make sure the .p8 is there.

Cool, off to the Lexaloffle website to look for more games.


I had carts on mine a while back. Did you scan for them? I’ll have a peek when I get home and throw some carts on mine and let you know!

Dank Tomb (full game) is a graphical showcase for PICO-8. image


Honestly I think Pico-8 was made for the GameShell. I bought it when I got my PocketCHIP, but that thing was unplayable. The GameShell has the perfect form factor and controls for this.

Some games I found in the featured tab:
Talos Descent - A simple Canabalt-like game in which you have to navigate as you fall through a cave at increasingly faster speeds.
Skulldude - A Zelda-directional shooter hybrid with snazzy aesthetics.
Ga Tasu - A colorful Invaders clone with excessive audio volume.
Alpine Alpaca - A different take on the skiing descent game in which you play cards to navigate the course turn by turn.
It Takes Four to Party - A weird casual RPG in which you switch characters every so often. Just go with the flow and you’ll get it eventually.
Delunky - Sort of a nice Spelunky demake.
Omega Enforcer - A Galaga-like bullet hell lite shoot-em-up.


Just wondering why lemmtris wasn’t mentiones yet. Such a great crossover between Tetris and Lemming, two of my favorites.

Has anyone gotten The Lair ot work on their GameShell yet? for some reason that’s the only pico-8 cart that fails to work for me.

Nope… Same thing here…

… You’re telling me that the entire game code for a PICO8 game is literally the image of the game cartridge itself?

Exactly. The game code is only 32K just like on the old 8 bit machines and somehow embedded in the picture information.

Ouuuff, chills man, chills. That is so flipping amazing! I can’t even tell you how genius that is. How the hell isn’t PICO8 a bigger deal than it is?

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