Play early windows games

Hello, im pretty new to this handheld, and it looks pretty interesting. Id get it, if other games were playable besides the 8 and 16bt nes and snes games. Could games which came for windows and only use software mode be added with some type of emulator or software like wine? Being able to play games like system shock 1 and 2, arcanum, fallout, etc. Those games on 2019 a pc thats overkill for them, and i aint interested on playing them on a huge 50" screen, i like the handheld ability. Could this be done, or its a dumbass idea to play these games on the gamershell?


I’m far from being an expert on ARM Linux or Wine, but I have seen people play windows games on a Raspberry Pi. A quick search brings up this:

Perhaps it will work on CPi?

Running Wine should work, as you have a Debian OS like the Raspberries do. I wouldn’t expect much performance from Wine though. For games that also support DOS (you mentioned System Shock), running them in Dosbox will very likely give you better results.