Undertale on clockworkpi

So this question has been in my mind for a while, especially since the game seems perfect for a portable setting but from what I have read even though the linux bianary doesnt work using wine allows you to run x86 games. I have a GOG copy that I tested through my linux laptop and it appears to work fine but playing it through a .sh command that cd’s to the directory and runs the app using wine seems to crash in execution. Am I missing something? Any help would be awesome! Thomas

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It seems like it’s not possible, though I’d like to see someone try.

Wine wouldn’t be an option on Gameshell since it would only be able to run ARM binaries (like from Windows RT). The reason Wine works on laptop/desktop Linux is because it’s already X86 based.

But Undertale is made using GameMaker and people have already hacked out the game resources and run it under Android using the launcher for other GameMaker based games. That project is still probably online somewhere although the original creator removed it because he was hassled way too much by people.

The link below suggests using the game resource hack to get it running on a Pi using one of the other GameMaker game launchers for Pi (same technique as the Android method). It sounds like someone almost succeeded but the RAM requirements were too high. Since the Gameshell has no additional RAM, I assume the same problem would occur and we’d get a white screen and no game. It might be possible with the addition of a swap file, as mentioned on some other threads in the forum here, used for compiling particularly large programs that required too much memory. It would probably run slowly with a swap file though, but it might work.

There’s also mention of GL in this thread, which could mean the currently buggy Lima drivers in Gameshell 0.3 might have an issue with it. (Or maybe not, would be interesting to try!)

Also, I’d be curious to know if anyone can get the three games for Pi listed here running on a Gameshell:

The method to get Undertale running depends on one of these games being able to run. I tried them a while back and they all just exited with an error. It’s been a while so I forget the actual error, but I think it had to do with bcm_host which appeared to be a Raspberry Pi library that wasn’t available on Gameshell. It would be cool if someone could figure out how to support that on Gameshell as it would probably allow more Raspberry Pi games like these to run. :slight_smile:

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A bit of a necro post, but looks like @Rebusmind has made some progress on the gamemaker front!

Porting games to the GameShell (from Game Maker: Studio)

Of course we’d probably need to have the uncompiled source files etc. I wonder if we contacted toby fox directly if he would be happy to help out the Gameshell community?

Sorry for the necropost, but I managed to get Undertale and Deltarune working on the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 0 at full-speed.

I can’t provide a download for Undertale since it isn’t free, but it does work.

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Sorry for the necro-necro-necropost, but nice! That’s actually pretty handy!

By the way, with the whole Undertale situation…
Can’t you just create a patch with xdelta or something for Undertale’s game.unx file, or for any of the files that are changed?

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The problem with that the game was completely rebuilt, with some major changes.
For instance, I had to change the size of the texture pages, since making them smaller meant less memory would be wasted, and that was important to getting it to run on a Pi Zero. (If I recall, this may also have impacted the Pi3 as well). What I’m trying to say is that an xdelta patch would be very large, possibly as large as the actual game, and certainly including copyrighted material, just due to how the file format works. Theoretically there might be a way to use UndertaleModTool to turn a retail game file into one that could work on a raspberry pi though.


Hmm… alright. That’s a shame.
I was just curious seeing as I couldn’t really find anything on that.

If you want to work with me, we could probably make something that could work on most GMS1 games more or less. The problem is I’m rather busy, so I likely can’t do too much of it myself, but I know all of what needs to be done to port it, so we could probably get something working. Add me on discord if you’re interested, Kneesnap#7540.


Hey, @Kneesnap ! I know someone who is attempting to get GameMaker Studio games up and running on an emulation handheld device called the RG351. He’s very talented, but I don’t know how much he can get done alone.

I have a big favor to ask if you. Would you be able to join forces with him and help him with this project? You got Undertale up and running on the Raspberry Pi, which seemed impossible, so I know you’re up to the task. Here’s a link to the github page of his project if you’re interested: GitHub - JohnnyonFlame/axe11: A Proof-of-Concept libX11 Shim for Gamemaker Games to run under Box86 with GL4ES (and the necessary set of hacks on top of it). Also, his Discord is @Johnny On Flame#3652

I’d be sooo grateful to you if you’d do this. Thank you for reading what I have to say! Please consider!