Please send one for free

Please send one console to Linus Torwalds.

See here

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Good idea. :thinking:
Anyone have his contact?

It can be found at the bottom of this page.

Also, as long as we’re on the topic of tech reviwers to send it to, the two big names I know of in the space are Austin Evans and Unbox Therapy. They both have a history of reviewing crowd-funded tech, so the GameShell is definitely in their niche.

The Ben Heck Show, and ETA Prime on YouTube. ETA Prime already did a video, and contributed to the original campaign. But those guys have tons of views on their pages, and are VERY detailed- ETA Prime does tutorials on how to work things, and The Ben Heck Show is best at taking things apart and showing full potential… I myself have been on the fence about ordering one… but I guarantee I’d purchase one if I saw a good breakdown and/or tutorials on how the Gameshell works. Plus that indiegogo price is looking good…

This is what introduced me to the product in the first place!!


Just out of curiosity, what kind of break-down are you wanting from the GameShell? The whole campaign was around the idea of how the product is something the consumer assembles, so it’s already broken down and we already have the specs for everything. What more is there to do?

The Gameshell is a product that can use as much promotion about its potential as possible.

The Ben Heck Show is fantastic as showing things in massive detail, which I haven’t seen yet on a video.

With ETA Prime, he will more than likely do a tutorial on how to get emulators running, best settings, roms that will work, etc.

We haven’t seen the system completely in action yet… and both Ben Heck and ETA Prime are the best as showing it…

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I’m not doubting the useful of promotions or advertising, I was more referring to when you said

And I was uncertain exactly what it is that you haven’t seen yet that has you on the fence from a break-down/understanding the product perspective.

Also, if you haven’t seen them yet, there are two short videos of the GameShell in action that have been released by the Clockwork team so far (I know they’re not long, but they’re certainly something):

There’s two videos of it running the same game that pretty much everything under the sun can run.

What about showing off an OS? How did you get to that game? I know what the information says, but we haven’t seen it in action. That’s where The Ben Heck Show and ETA Prime come in.

And again, I only found out about this product from an ETA Prime YouTube video… he’s not affiliated or sponsored by Gameshell; he bought one himself off the original Kickstarter campaign. I just think it would be super smart to send him one early and let him show off what the Gameshell can do.

Agree that what we’ve seen from the campain video and those two short videos is not enough for a product that could have been shipped 2 weeks ago.
Videos of the OS, quick tutorials on how to get started playing games or creating them.
Please show something that proves the product is there and fully functional from what we’ve seen in the promotional video.

@Billy Thank you for recommending The Ben Heck Show and ETA Prime, we will definitely try to contact them. The problem now is the media will receive the console not much earlier than our backers, probably a few days.
@Samdze, we will make more tutorials and videos available soon. Sorry again for the delay.


I totally understand. Sorry if I seem too pushy! I’m going to hit the indiegogo campaign and grab one while I can! You guys are working hard to bring a great product!



Linus Torvalds


Linus working hard too to working product.

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Wow! He’s still committing code to kernel.
We will try to contact him to show our respect.

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Yes working and hacking. If You send hardware meybe linux on gameshell will be faster. Meybe Mali gpu will be using for OpenCL or other components will be more responsibility.

Yes this is good idea to send one for him.

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I’d suggest sending a unit to Bryan Lunduke ( I’m certain he’ll do an expedient and favorable review. - and tell him ‘bear454 sent you’.

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I’d like to second this, he’s done many reviews for similar-ish products and is a prevalent figure in the Linux community.

Please send one console to This Does Not Compute.

His youtube channel:

His mailing address:
This Does Not Compute
PO Box 131141
St. Paul, MN 55113

His email address: