Portable pointing peripherals!

So I just found this old Microsoft accessibility project one handed joystick, got it acting as a mouse with sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-joystick and pretty happy with it in terms of a pointing device that is robust for the field. Show me what you got to solve this, we all know the trackball is meh so y’all got to have something other than lugging a mouse around right?


I’ve been tempted to buy one of these mini handheld trackballs:

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Stupid question:
But what about the Wii controller?
Motion control could be really cool and maybe helpful/useful.

Is Steve Mann’s Keyer still relevant?

I’ve thought about getting one of these and designing a rail compatible case for the field ops shell

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I remember an ancient issue of MagPi connecting Wii nunchucks to RPi. Use Wii Nunchucks with Raspberry Pi — The MagPi magazine

You can skip the 4052 multiplexer/multiplexer chip if you only want to connect one nunchuck. That was just done so they can share the I2C bus. Personally I prefer to solve this problem wit I2C expanders or use the GPIO-based driver to create additional (slow) I2C ports with software.

I ended up replacing the stock trackball with the other darker colour one someone found on AliExpress. It actually makes the built in trackball useable in my opinion, but still not as good as a mouse

For a mouse I am using a Microsoft Surface Arc mouse which cost me the low low price of stolen from the spare parts bin at work

i have one its a bit touchy … but plug and play on usb…

Twiddler or wireless trackball is always a nice option. I’ve had good experience with this Elecom Relacom and you can choose BT or 2.4ghz dongle:

If you like a joystick as an input device, the Ipega PG-9083 easily will open enough to hold the Devterm, but it will cover all the ports and doesn’t have anything to firmly grip – something easy to add to a custom printed case.