Thumbsticks in the Keypad


I’ve started trying to make my own keypad module that has thumbsticks. I’m going to use psp1000 style thumbsticks to start with, I don’t like that they don’t have a push in button, but they are very compact.
I’m starting with just the button layout and I’ll use a external Arduino pro micro and if it’s comfortable to use then I’ll build the Arduino into the PCB.

I made up some PCBs in EAGLE, pretty happy for my first PCB design. And got it made:

Added some components:
I’m still waiting on my thumbsticks to arrive.

Printed enclosure, still need to do a few buttons, also things don’t like up quite right
The case needs refining but soon I’ll be able to see if this is viable.


I love this! It’s great to see this kind of things being made!

I’m waiting to see it when you print an entire front case with your thumbsticks :slight_smile:


Damn, what games will be able to use thumbsticks? Ps1?


Yeah, PS1 is the main reason im doing this, particularly for games like ApeEscape that require the dualshock controls. Additionally ive read some people have had some minor success with N64 emulation so maybe that aswell.