Trackball unit for uConsole?

Hello all, I am considering to get a replacement trackball for the Console (to have a spare - I have a tendency of wearing trackballs out).
I found the model number for the Devterm trackball. Would anyone know if the Console trackball is exactly the same? Thank you for any input

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I’m 98% sure they’re the same. At the price of them it would not hurt it try one.

Agreed. I ordered the trackball. We shall see :slight_smile:

Would you be able to link the one you purchased here?

Of course. I got this


Yeah, I got those too. Work well on both uconsole and DevTerm.

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Feel like i should comment about what happened with my trackball recently. Had some issues with moving the mouse especially going right, so i decided to open it up. Yh it was filled with gunk and fluff so decided to clean it up and works as good as new. Make sure you get the orientation of the cylinders (where most of the gunk collected) right when putting it back together. They are magnetic so might be a little fiddly but patience will get you through it.

Yes, i use different trackballs (no mouse for me) so i am very familiar with the gunk issue. On my pc i just pop the ball out and clean. On the uconsole i am not so confident about taking apart - but as a brand new replacement is less than a dollar… I just ordered 5 :grin:

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