Progress on gameshell

So it’s May 14th, are there any updates? I don’t think consoles will be ready to ship tomorrow, but any confirmation of the actual date would be appreciated.

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not exactly, normal fedora work on arm natively

Not really no. That have nothing to do with a linux distribution.

That game is closed source, if the developer don’t make an ARM version/build you will not be able to play that game on an ARM platform, that really have nothing to do with which flavor of linux ditribution you are using. If the CPU is not compatible it is not compatible.

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fedora is a standard. why not publish closed game on fedora? tell me why not?

Fedora is not a standard, but a “distribution”.

It is like if you were telling me that a US toaster as it is an international brand it should work everywhere.
No, if your main voltage is not the in the same range as the US 110V, it will just burn if you go to any European country at 230V main voltage.

An pre-build binary like a closed source game, if it is build for a x86 linux, whatever the brand of that linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Gentoo, …) if will not work on an ARM Linux even if the “brand” is the same. Different CPU == not compatible.

That have nothing to do with the distribution brand you are using.

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Along with what @Godzil said, the real determining factor for what will or will not work on the GameShell is what architectures the game was built for. For laptops and desktops, the vast majority of them are using the x86 architecture, so when advertising the platforms they run on they’ll typically only list the OS’s they work for.

However, the GameShell wouldn’t be very possible for an x86 processor because their size, cost, and high power consumption. This is where ARM processors come into play. They can be smaller, cheaper, and more energy efficient. This is also how why our phones and tablets can be as small as they are and run for as many hours as they do.

This being said, the biggest drawback of the ARM processors is that they use different instructions than x86 processors, so any program that’s compiled to x86 will not be able to run on ARM. To work on ARM, they need to be compiled for the ARM processor, which not everyone will do. When you mentioned Fedora running natively on ARM, this is because Fedora has both an x86 and ARM variant of their OS. However, all packages and software for Fedora that’s only compiled for x86 will not be able to run on ARM.

The takeaway here is when looking for software to run on the GameShell, always check to see if they have support for the ARM architecture or provide the binaries for the software (that can then be compiled to run on ARM).

Hello all I was just checking in and wondering how is the updates on the gameshell

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We are in the process of sending all units to our packaging and shipping partner. All the shipping addresses have been passed on, too. As a result, we can no longer process new address update request until shipment is finished. In case If you really need to change your address at this time, we have to hold your shipment until all other shipment is completed.


What’s the method send to Chinese backers? I guess must be a domestic postal service provider.

If you could tell the estimated time of shipping, it can’t be more fantastic.

Hello! Do you have any idea of shipment times to Europe/Spain?
I will be leaving my flat in August, is would be a hassle to come back here to get the package.

How can we track our package?

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I’m interested too. How can I track the shipping to France ?


Great questions. Hope we hear about tracking soon.

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ePacket generally have a tracking number.

CPI haven’t yet said that things are shipping, they said that the GameShell are going to be send to their shipping partner, so there is no tracking number yet. (well maybe but not active at least)

Yes, there will be tracking number available once shipped.
@shiyu, Backer in China will probably get it first with domestic express courier.
@bitdweller, I think you should have no problem get it before August. It’s not easy to change shipping address now, but we could probably hold the item first if you request so.

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Hello there I was just checking on how goes the progress with the shipping

Hello all how goes the shipping and project going

Shipping starts yesterday, tracking number will be sent in no time