New GameShell kit -- waiting room

I ordered my New Gameshell kit back on November 8th, with a target shipment date of “January, 2019”. Behold, it is January, and so the anticipatory finger-tapping begins. :slight_smile:

Anyone else here waiting for the new kit?

Anyone have a sense of when shipments will begin to go out?


Yes i´m waiting, a date please

we are also. Going to try the game jam, hoping shipment is earlier in January rather than later to maximize the time we have with the GameShell during the jam…

Yep ordered mine back in November, been anxiously awaiting any news since. Been itching for a tracking number so that I can fuel the addiction.

Ordered mine in November as well. I really hope we get notifications for shipping sooner, rather than later this month.

I ordered the upgrade board. It shipped in December and left China on December 11th. It just arrived in LA on New Years Eve. 20 days on the boat! It should arrive this Friday!

I ordered mine in late December. Anxiously waiting for news or hopefully a tracking number. I don’t think I’ll make it into the jam (or maybe I will), but this device has been a dream of mine for a long time and I definitely want to write games for it.

Same things here. Ordered mine december the 21th. Would be cool if we could have a date.

Same here! Waiting for the magic mail with tracking number :pray:

Damn that’s a long time! I hope that the DHL shipping (ordered the console in November) will take a few days :pray::roll_eyes:

I asked the question on the facebook page.

I guess it’s a good news :slight_smile:


I hope so! :blush: Where does everyone live? I live in Sweden

I live in Birmingham, Alabama

I live in France, near of Metz

Massachusetts, USA here.

I’m from México here (o.o)/

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i live in china , i hope so

Hamburg, Germany here :smiley:

I’m in Australia personally!

From France, near Paris.
Any information about where they are shipping from?