Project Ideas (DIY)

Does anyone have any project ideas? I was thinking to design a way to create an HDMI output, so when you’re at home you can play on your TV.

Supposedly the next revision of the Clockwork Pi board will have mHDMI (see the campaign notes and the last page of the board manual from their Github page.

Personally, I have lots of little devices here and there, and aside from the SSH client on my phone I don’t have a decent way to utilize them all on the go, so I’m going to work on making a control center / scheduler to help maximize the throughput of my devices.

Later on I’m planning to use it as a controller when I get my supplies to get started with robotics.

  1. Dock/Sheld for router and 5 ethernet 1G/s
    no screen but meybe ups powerbank for 2 day working offgrid.
  2. better keyboard for game (potentiometers, rotor resistors) and for sound player.
  3. Solar panell for completly offgrid for green energy fan and ecologist.
    (good solar panel and working all day , for example playng music all 24h is not easy)
  4. good radio and sound system. Source: FM,LM,dab+, wifi (meybe other usb device : sdr usb dongle RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) , cdrom on usb …)
    but power on must be easy than now. potentiometers turn on device and changing sound volume? pilot? This will be biiig shield
  5. powerbang integrated with device and replacement cell (18650 3.7V?)
    I always but this cell not specyfic
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Most of my projects are software based vs. hardware. One project which I would like to try and accomplish would be to create simulators for some of the old game boy color accessories such as the mobile adapter (originally japan only). I think it should be relatively straightforward and the hard part is going to be finding whatever data was originally streamed through these services. That’s all I have right now, though I’m in the middle of moving so my time is limited right now.