[Purchased!] - ¿Some GameShell for sale in Europe?

Hi guys!
I didn´t know this console and I missed the Kickstarter, and I´m looking to buy a Gameshell.
I´m from Spain, so EU sale preferable, but would take what I can get.
Please reach out if you can help.

Hi Oscar,
maybe I can help you (from Germany). I used my gameshell for 2 hours. I have no time to configure it. It is too tricky for me. Gameshell with white front and grey back. 85 € incl. shipping to spain. Payment with PayPal (friends)?
Greets Christian 20181022_203341

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Thank you very much Christian, but just yesterday I got a GameShell that I bought from our partner @kyosuke82 yosuke82

Thanks for the offer and good luck in the sale.
Greetings!! :smile:

If he changes his mind, can I be next in line to buy it?


Do you still have the shell? if yes i can buy it from you. Shipping to Belgium and payment by Paypal.

Thanks in advance