Gameshell for sale in Europe/Germany (Kickstarter Edition)

Hello everyone,

due to lack of time I’m selling my Gameshell. Here’s what’s included:

1x Gameshell Kit white with Lightkey & Lego back
1x flat back shell
1x new spare Lightkey module
1x 64GB SD card
1x T-Shirt from Kickstarter campaign (size L, worn twice)

Also all the stickers are there, untouched. Additionally I will hand over my 100 CPI points if buyer sends me an ETH wallet address. The CPI points are worth half a Gameshell kit.

I’d like to sell for 130 EUR, shipping included. I send only to EU, preferably Germany since this is where I live.


How much do you pay for shipping to Italy?

Hello Dave, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I just checked DHL and their website says it’s EUR 18 for shipping to Italy…

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I’ve decided to cover shipping costs myself, since I will move soon and every item sold before is an item I don’t need to move :smile:

@davezombiee - if you’re still interested let me know :wink:

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i would buy it, but 1. i don’t have the money right now 2. i’m in America, so shipping would be expensive 3. i already have one and since they are in short supply i should let other people get one for themselves


I actually went through the exact same mental process, just substituting Australia.
I guess, if no one in Europe buys it before you move, and if @Metonym doesn’t want it, I’d consider buying it. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am new here but interested in your sale. Bonus: I am located in Germany (ZIP 46xxx) :slight_smile:

Since this is the kickstarter edition - how is this different from the “latest” version (3.1.)?



the difference from what i remember is that the board doesn’t have a micro-hdmi port


Also half the ram of the latest version


@Metonym @Petrakis Thanks for the help guys :smiley:

@msw if you’re interested please send me a direct message

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Bumping, maybe some newer members are interested? :crossed_fingers:

Not wanting to jump the queue ahead of @Metonym, but what was the consensus re: shipping to Australia? But also, if anyone else wants it, please! Be my guest! I’d just be using it for testing purposes. I already have a unit, and would prefer it to go to someone who would like to join the gameshell community :slight_smile:

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I didn’t get any further messages from them, so there is no queue. :smiley:
About shipping to Australia, good question. I guess it would be quite expensive, but I didn’t check yet and compare yet