[SOLD] GameShell for sale in Germany/Europe

Hi guys,

I bought the GameShell Starter Kit in white @ Kickstarter with the first batch for 100 USD. Due to some delivery problems from clockworkpi I received the device in June 2019. Since then, I have assembled everything (works fine!), played a game for like 10 min. and put the device back into the drawer. So it’s probably the best to sell it to someone who really uses it. Everything is like new and I will sell the complete starter kit box:

Price: 75 EUR (~ 81 USD).

Postage costs are extra and depend on your country. Within Germany it’s just 4 EUR, EU-wide costs 9 EUR.

I will accept PayPal (you have customer protection then), SEPA bank transfer or Bitcoin. Note: If you transfer via your bank account and you live in Switzerland you need to cover the bank transfer costs as well.


I live in Germany and have interest in you GameShell.

Ok, cool. So can you maybe contact me via email for the details? My address is winston.schmied [at] googlemail.com. Alternatively, just provide me yours and I’ll email you from this address.


Hi guys,

Thore didn’t buy my GameShell, so it’s still available! Let me know if you’re interested.

Update: The GameShell has been sold.