Python Course on Sale!

The Great Courses offers a Python class from Texas A&M. It’s on sale until the 25th 80% off! I ordered myself a copy, looking forward to learning some Python programming for use with my GameShell.


I personally learned Python from Learn Python The Hard Way. It’s methodology is essentially to type out the code from each section, fix an intentionally left bug in the code or change it to add some new functionality as an exercise. It starts out easy but then lets you create “real” projects at the end.

Part of the book is available online and if you enjoy it you can buy the book to get the rest.


There are plenty of free ebooks to teach yourself python. For example packt publishing has a few free python ebooks (You will need to sign up for free with an email address)

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@R37R0 Eh, it’s a sign up for free with an email address and your billing address and payment details from a credit/debit card.

Never mind, apparently you can get away without the address / card info. Neat!

@aewens I only signed up with my email address, First and Last name and left the rest of the fields blank. I never entered any address or payment details.

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I went back and check, I apologize, you were correct. Thanks for sharing!

@aewens No problem, it’s worth checking that site regularly as there is a different free ebook every day

I subscribed to their service for a while, not enough good books to be worth it but keep an eye on the sub-reddit to be kept up to date with the free books:

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Here is a 4.5 hours python course:

There’s also cheaper courses on Udemy if anyone needs them and wants to pay for them :slight_smile: