R-01 Hifi4 DSP Software?

Has anyone used the HiFi4 dsp in the R-01 core yet? I’ve ordered a uConsole R-01 and i may use it for audio processing, and devterm users may have used it, so asking here.

If so, cool! I’d love any information. If not, i may start reading datasheets…

I’m also very interested in this. Theoretically, d1h is very competitive compared to Coldfire+DSP56k and the descendants.

AFAIK, the kernel drivers are already there. It’s just we do not have easy access to the Tensilica SDK, and I did not find an open source toolchain either.

Tensilica SDK is close source and need license, open source world may never be able to use this dsp…
If for commercial use, you may try to talk with Allwinner’s sales?

If I don’t have a SDK to mess with, there is no business to begin with :joy:

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Found freertos for hifi4, which apparently builds with a gcc variant?

It’s a long way from “working on the D1”, but there’s hope? dunno, I’m still lazily reading what I can find…

gcc will work, but with performance tradeoff.