[R01] Release: yaft framebuffer terminal fork for the DevTerm

Since I got my DT I’ve been working on setting up a nice terminal environment for it that avoids X11 entirely, since it’s fairly sluggish on this core. I have a lot of weird prototypes and works in progress around this, but I also now have a finished release: a port of yaft for the R01. This is a framebuffer terminal emulator that is significantly more capable than the built in fbcon while being fairly light on system resources, with reasonably efficient redraws and a memory footprint of about 10MB.

The link above details the changes, but the tl;dr is: support for more text attributes and escape sequences, better modifier key support, more efficient screen redraws, powerline/nerdfont support, and (necessary for the R01) support for rotated screens.

If you don’t want to try building it yourself, you can grab a statically linked yaft binary here which should hopefully run out of the box on a stock R01.

Before (kernel fbcon)

After (yaft)

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