Best Full Screen Terminal for DevTerm?

Hi Everyone,

Since screen space is at a premium, does anyone know of A good terminal program that can be used with the DevTerm to take advantage of the entire screen (full screen)? I know of a few terminal programs, but most are generally window mode and include stuff like title bars, and button that just take up space. In addition, since most programs are in window mode, the terminal does not overlap the taskbar, so you never seem to get the full screen experience.

Any friendly recommendations?

Screen and tmux are usually used for what you want to do.

Press F11.

Seriously, it’s that simple. Load the default terminal emulator - Terminator - and press F11. It’ll jump into full-screen mode, no window manager title bar, no taskbar. Right-click and you can remove the scrollbar, go into Preferences and Profiles and you can remove Terminator’s own title bar too.


What do people think about the terminal called Kitty? Apparently it’s GPU accelerated as well. Is it any better or worse than Terminator? Or just different strokes for different folks?

Try quake, once installed and setup F12 pops it down.


I would be interested to see a battery life comparison between a GPU and non-GPU accelerated terminal.

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That would be interesting to see. I mostly like accelerated terminals since you can do lots of fast ascii graphics, games and such. But perhaps unaccelerated works ok in this day and age? Not sure.

Kitty is really neat and is the passion project of a really passionate guy who was clever enough to build the fancy stuff with plugins around a stable core. As such, it’s got it’s own little plugin ecosystem but also very much it’s own way of doing things.

I had it rigged up as a simple image viewer at one point but have since lost the .Desktop file :confused:

Alacritty is the other “exotic” term I’ve used. It’s a nice and simple alternative with some of the best defaults out there and a very detailed initial config file.

(one more edit: I actually only boot X when I need it on lower end systems so I’m rocking tmux and getting by just fine)

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cool-retro-term is a nice fancy fullscreen terminal, with lots of special effects.


I’ve successfully compiled WezTerm and set it as default terminal in Raspbian ARM64 on DevTerm CM4.

It is also of terminal multiplexer so you can use tmux in it if you really want.
Configuration is simiple and changes instantly if the file changes.

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i3 with no borders and urxvt seems to be working fine and easy to config and I don’t have to swap between i3 and tmux bindings all the time.

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I’ve been using very conservative gearbox settings to maximize battery life, and I’m fairly happy with a properly configured xterm in an awesomewm session.